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Accidents happen. But because MileMeter is a fully-licensed insurance carrier and regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance, I know I can count on them.

"Sometimes I find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s reassuring to know MileMeter has me covered."


Had an accident?

We know it happens. We all have our “off days.” With MileMeter, we’d like to help make those off days as stress-free as possible. So please call us at 1-866-833-5233 as soon as you can safely do so. We will need your policy identification number, so please have it handy for the claims adjuster. During your phone call, the adjuster will schedule a prompt vehicle inspection and will ask you about the facts of the accident.

Prompt vehicle inspections are paramount after an accident, but if you need to mail us documentation, our address is 1700 Pacific Avenue, Suite 2400, Dallas, TX 75201

Hassle-free claims

Reporting a claim to MileMeter is a simple as a toll-free phone call. We promise to do our best to treat you fairly and to resolve your claim as quickly and simply as possible.

Keeping costs low through fraud prevention

We investigate fraud thoroughly and prosecute it aggressively. We unfortunately live in a world where some people think they can lie to the insurance company and steal from other policyholders in the process. These persons increase the cost of insurance for everyone. We are very thorough in investigating claims, odometer fraud and VIN tampering. We use several proprietary tools in addition to physical inspections, and we rely on the lengthy experience of our claims adjusters. If we catch someone trying to defraud our community, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

The first and here to stay

open highway

MileMeter is the first company in the world to develop this exciting new insurance by-the-mile program. The MileMeter team includes experts in every aspect of the insurance industry and are using their expertise to offer an innovative, cost-saving product.

MileMeter Insurance Company is a fully-licensed insurance carrier regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. With the backing of industry leaders, the company is well-capitalized and deeply reinsured, making us a growing, viable competitor in the auto insurance industry.